Sections 2024

The MAIN section of Art Düsseldorf showcases outstanding presentations of represented artists by leading international and regional galleries.

In the JOINT section of Art Düsseldorf two galleries present together. It is a requirement that both galleries applying to the JOINT section individually submit an application.

The NEXT section is exclusively to galleries in existence for 1 to 10 years at the time of application. It focuses on current works by emerging artists and allows for up to three artistic positions.

SOLO PROJECTS showcases solo presentations with annually changing thematic focuses. In 2024, we are excited to highlight the following compelling topics:

Photography & Identities:
Explores historical and contemporary discourses on identity through photography.
As a contemporary medium, photography engages with the concept of identity and mirrors the rich diversity of human (as well as non-human) existence. Photographic works play a pivotal role in documenting both historical and contemporary dialogues surrounding identity, challenging stereotypes, conventions, and societal norms. They delve into explorations of gender, sexuality, race, heritage, architecture, and environment as influential factors in the formation of one’s identity.

Keywords here are memories, nostalgia, difference and repetition or forgotten artists whose rediscovery raises exciting new perspectives.
Casting a gaze into the archives and drawing inspiration from historical motifs and styles profoundly shapes the work of many artists. What does it signify when artists seek impulses from the past? It leads to explorations of memories, nostalgia, and regression, as well as considerations of difference and repetition. What elements are embraced? What undergoes transformation? What underlying political dimensions drive the yearning for a seemingly more authentic and uncomplicated past? Who are the (forgotten) artists experiencing a revival? What insights do we glean from our examination of history in this context?

Future Bodies:
Examines gender, posthumanism, ideals of beauty, and body perception through art.

Contemporary art is marked by a profound exploration of the human body. Bodies undergo transformations, and depictions of the body mirror societal fashions and trends. The body becomes an arena where various battles are fought, raising questions about gender, the posthuman, technological extensions, digital representations, disembodiment, beauty standards, identities, disability, fashion, desire, body knowledge, and perception. Artists employ diverse aesthetic strategies to engage with the body. They capture the body in current works, exploring its presence and absence. Their creations challenge viewers’ perceptions of the body, inviting reflection on its multifaceted roles – as an instrument, archive, event, image, machine, and even a form of protest.

The SCULPTURE SPOT features dynamic, large-scale, and site-specific installations. Galleries will be invited to submit proposals after approval.

Galleries interested in applying, please click here to access the application form.