Ben Patterson

Diasters and Catastrophes New Delhi No. 4

Diasters and Catastrophes New Delhi No. 4 2010 Collage, mixed materials, cardboard box with marzipan figure mounted on canvas | 39.5 x 60 x 8 cm boa-basedonart_Photo Boa

Jutta Haeckel

Biophilie 1

Biophilie 1 2024 Acrylic on jute | 40 x 30 cm boa-basedonart_Photo Achim Kukulies


Rubisco 2024 Acrylic on jute | 150 x 120 cm boa-basedonart_Photo Achim Kukulies

Takako Saito

Untitled #109

Untitled #109 1958-1963 Pastels on black paper | 27.5 x 40 cm boa-basedonart/ Photo Johannes Pöttgens


Takako 1958-1963 Mixed technique on cardboard | 27.5 x 40 cm boa-basedonart_Photo Johannes Pöttgens

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