Guided tours for young collectors

With the third edition of Art Düsseldorf, the fair will carry on the educational format to strengthen young collectors.

Young guides meet young collectors and young galleries. Those who don’t just want to follow the coup de coeur – i.e. their spontaneous passion – will receive a 60-minute guided tour with a wealth of background information about younger artists and young galleries and their positions at the fair. This is because galleries founded after 2008 are presented in the Post Lehman area of Art Düsseldorf.

As young collectors, not only the digital natives are considered, but the offer is aimed at everyone who wants to be inspired by art. Those who want to discover up-and-coming talents will find what they are looking for at Art Düsseldorf. The guided tour explores works of art of all mediums with prices of up to 5,000 euros from all media genres, with the purchase of which you can start a collector’s career. In the price sector up to 2,000 euros, Sean Sullivan will be presented by Markus Lüttgen, François Jacob by Thomas Rehbein and Markus Huemer by Philipp von Rosen.

The one-hour guided tour ends in the talk area with the opportunity to exchange ideas or take part in the talks.