Düsseldorf’s art services

Grieger photo laboratory

Düsseldorf, as the „city of art“, is the ideal location for the Grieger photo lab since the 60’s. With the founding of the renowned Düsseldorf School by the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher, Grieger established itself as a promoter of German photography and works until today with their former graduates.

Grieger accompanies not only well-known artists. Its expertise and commitment to the perfect image is also available to young talent.

The long-standing and intensive cooperation with photographic artists connects the photo laboratory with this year for the first time organized Art Düsseldorf. With its involvement, the photo laboratory Grieger wants to promote artistic photography and strengthen the tradition of photographic art, now and in the future.



In the middle of the 19th century the Duesseldorf Arts Academy developed under the direction of Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow into an institution of international standing. It was associated with the Duesseldorf School of Painting, which developed an outstanding international reputation especially in landscape painting.

During the same period the demand for picture frames and framing grew, so in 1854 Friedrich G. Conzen founded the picture frame and mirror factory Conzen, which still produces picture frames today. For over 160 years CONZEN has been working as an art service provider for numerous museums, galleries, art dealers and artists, but of course also for private customers.

While at the beginning of the last century artists such as August Macke, Bruno Goller and Max Clarenbach were among the customers, since the end the 20th century it are especially photo artists such as Thomas Struth, Laurenz Berges and Axel Hütte, who is currently presented in an extensive exhibition, his works mostly framed by CONZEN, in the museum Kunstpalast.

Numerous new developments in the field of framing come about through the close collaboration with young artists, which is often started while they are still students at the academy. For example, internationally renowned young painters such as Max Frintrop, Chris Succo and Christoph Knecht, as well as photographers such as Anna Vogel and Moritz Wegwerth, are among the CONZEN clientele.

CONZEN produces in an open frame manufactory located in  the Duesseldorf city district of Flingern, where customers and guests can watch the craftsmen at work.