Art Düsseldorf

At Art Düsseldorf 2018 (November 16-18), 91 established and young galleries from 19 countries show post-war and contemporary art in the spacious and bright halls of Areal Böhler, Düsseldorf.

Art Düsseldorf 2018 follows its successful first edition, which attracted 43,000 visitors and excellent feedback from gallerists and collectors on the exhibitor and visitor experience.

With Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf, a former steel factory complex in a prime location, the fair has chosen an exceptional and non-conventional venue, perfectly suitable for the exhibition of art.

Art Düsseldorf brings together high-quality modern, contemporary and emerging art from galleries based in the Rhineland, Germany and Benelux countries, as well as international big-name players. The fair positions itself as regional art fair with global appeal.
Art Düsseldorf is dedicated to choosing galleries that will showcase art catered to collectors in the region, as well as educate international collectors interested in the history of Düsseldorf’s art scene and the regional ‘DNA’.
Galleries are carefully selected each year. More than a half of the participating galleries in 2018 come from the region (Germany and Benelux). Most of the international galleries are of European origin. Of all 91 exhibitors, one third comes from North Rhine-Westphalia. For its second edition, Art Düsseldorf has increased their fair grounds by 10% and is proud to welcome 40 new exhibitors.

Art Düsseldorf provides a focused and contained exhibitor program, offering a unique Rhineland flavor for regional and international guests to enjoy the highest quality of art. Presenting strong works by renowned and young international artists, as well as art from the area, the fair’s main focus is to deliver an unparalleled experience for both exhibitors and visitors, enhanced by the non-conventional exhibition space – perfectly suitable for the exhibition of art. The fair offers a framework program with guided tours and talks about art, collecting and cultural politics.

Art Düsseldorf provides special support for young galleries founded after September 2008, which are presented in the Post Lehman section, with reduced booth prices. On top of that, a jury of curators from the Rhineland area will award the best booth presentation.

With its art academy, exhibition venues, museums and private collections, the city of Düsseldorf has a strongly developed and internationally renowned art scene. Its cultural map is diverse – and constantly evolving. Having chosen Düsseldorf as location, the fair has positioned itself at the junction of the Rhineland and the Ruhr Valley: in the heart of a metropolitan region that has ten million inhabitants and is, with regard to art and culture, at the center of one of Western Europe’s most vibrant regions. Thus, the fair is embedded within a dense urban cultural landscape with important art institutions directly neighboring it along the Rhine and Ruhr rivers, in Cologne and Bonn, Essen and Bochum.

Having proven itself as a new and innovative platform for collectors, gallerists and curators, Art Düsseldorf’s presence will strengthen the city’s existing art scene as cultural art hub for the region in fall season. Art Düsseldorf provides a platform to foster existing and create new long-term relationships that flourish also outside the fair. Close collaboration between the fair director and the galleries as well as regional art institutions, is Art Düsseldorf’s winning recipe.